Ajax Image Uploading (With Less Suck)







jquery using jason response ajax


function addJob(jobId, appliId)
    params = ‘form=add&’ + ‘jobId=’ + jobId + ‘&’ + ‘appliId=’ + appliId;
        url: ‘/action/appli/applicart/’,
        type: ‘GET’,
        data: params,
        success: function(json){
            var result = $.parseJSON(json);
            if (result.result === true )
                $(‘#fav_’+jobId).replaceWith(‘<a href="#" onclick="deleteJob(‘+jobId+’, ‘+appliId+’);return false;" id="fav_’+jobId+’">Ne plus sauvegarder cette offre</a>’);
            else if( result.result === false )
                alert(‘Already saved’);

fancy upload




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